Distance to CBD:

6 km



Queens Park is an eastern suburb of Sydney, located 6 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of Waverley Council. The postcode is 2022.  Queens Park is situated east of the park and suburb known as Centennial Park, west of Waverley and Charing Cross, south of Bondi Junction and north of Randwick.

The Park
Queens Park was originally part of the Sydney Common and later the Lachlan Swamps Water Reserve. Today it is a large urban park, part of Centennial Parklands. It was dedicated with Centennial Park in 1887. Numerous playing fields are located on the southern and western flatter sections of the park. It has been used for sports fields since 1938. Moriah College which is just across the road also uses the park for their PDHPE lessons and other schools in Sydney also use the park. Queens Park has completed major renovation in 2009 to improve the quality of the playing fields which are used daily.

The Suburb
The park is surrounded by houses on three sides. Many on the eastern side date from the Victorian era. Those on the northern and southern sides are mainly Federation.

Queens Park takes its name from the park of the same name on its southern border.  Once part of Bondi Junction, the suburb's name was officially recognised in 1992. A significant number of longer-term residents, however, in the Queens Park area, still refer to their suburb as Bondi Junction. This may be because Queens Park is a relatively new and not widely known suburb throughout Sydney, compared to the instantly recognisable name of Bondi Junction.




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